Graduate Faculty

The faculty listed below hold current appointments as members of the Graduate Faculty and are eligible to directly supervise graduate student research projects (i.e., serve as a student's major adviser). Prospective graduate students should contact faculty members to inquire about the faculty members' participation in the various graduate programs and whether the faculty members are currently seeking graduate students.

Bonner, Timothy

Fish Management, Ichthyology

Carlos-Shanley, Camila

Microbial Ecology

Castro-Arellano, Ivan

Wildlife Ecology

Daniel, Kristy

Biology Educator

Dharmasiri, Nihal

Plant Developmental Biology

Dutton, Jessica

Aquatic Toxicology

Forstner, Michael

Systematics, Genetics

Fritts, Sarah

Wildlife Ecology

Fuess, Lauren

Ecological Immunology

Gabor, Caitlin

Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Physiology

Garcia, Dana

Retinal Cell Physiology

Green, Clay

Wildlife Ecology, Ornithology

Groeger, Al

Limnology, Phycology

Hahn, Dittmar

Microbial Ecology

Huertas, Mar

Physiology of Fishes 

Huffman, David

Ornithology, Parasitology

Kang, Hong-Gu

Molecular Cell Biology & Plant Immunology

Lemke, David

Flora of Texas

Martin, Noland

Plant Speciation & Natural Hybridization

Martina, Jason

Wetland Ecology, Plant Ecology

McLean, Robert

Microbiology, Biofilms

Nice, Chris

Genetics, Evolution

Nowlin, Weston

Aquatic Community and Ecosystem Ecology

Ott, James

Ecological Genetics

Rodriguez, David

Microbial Genetics/Genomics

Schwalb, Astrid

Stream Ecology

Schwartz, Benjamin

Karst Hydrogeology

Schwinning, Susan

Plant Ecology

Serenari, Chris

Human Dimensions of Wildlife

Veech, Joseph

Ecology, Biogeography, Conservation Biology

Weckerly, Floyd

Wildlife Ecology

Weigum, Shannon

Optical Biosensors, Microfluidic Devices

Westerlund, Julie

Science Education, Inquiry

Williamson, Paula

Conservation Biology