Timothy Bonner

Timothy Bonner

Timothy Bonner, Ph.D.

Professor and Director Aquatic Biology B.S. Program
Curriculum Vitae (PDF

Ph.D., 2000, Texas Tech University
M.S., 1996, Texas State University
B.S., 1992, Texas A&M University



Zoology (BIO 2411)
Ichthyology (BIO 4415/5415)
Fish Ecology and Conservation (BIO 7408)
Seminar in Multivariate Statistics (BIO 7101)

Research Interests

Threatened and endangered fish ecology, Life history and population dynamics of warm-water fishes, Abiotic and biotic regulation of fish assemblages, Reproductive ecology

Selected Publications

Craig, C.A. and T.H. Bonner. 2019. Drainage basin checklists and dichotomous keys for the inland fishes of Texas. Zookeys 874:31-45.

Faucheux, N. M. H., C. A. Craig, and T. H. Bonner. 2019. Rapid assessment for identifying species of greatest conservation need: towards a unified approach. Fisheries 44:488-497.

Clark, M. K., K. G. Ostrand, and T. H. Bonner. 2017.  Implications of piscine predator control on the federally-listed fountain darter. Fisheries Management and Ecology 24:292-297.

Craig, C. A., B. M. Littrell, and T. H. Bonner.  2017.  Population status and life history attributes of the Texas shiner Notropis amabilis. American Midland Naturalist 177:277-288.

Dautreuil, V. L. E., C. A. Craig, and T. H. Bonner.  2016.  Persistence of Etheostoma parvipinne (Goldstripe Darter) in a single tributary on the periphery of its range.  Southeastern Naturalist 15:28-32.

Craig, C. A., K. A. Kollaus, K. P. K. Behen, and T. H. Bonner.  2016. Relationships among spring flow, habitats, and fishes within evolutionary refugia of the Edwards Plateau. Ecosphere 7:1-13.

Robertson, S. M, J. N. Fries, and T. H. Bonner.  2016.  Effects of habitat utilization on the reproduction of two imperiled, sympatric Dionda (Cyprinidae) in the Rio Grande Basin, Texas.  American Midland Naturalist 175:222-232.

Perkin, J. S. and T. H. Bonner.  2016.  Historical changes in fish assemblage composition following water quality improvement in the mainstem Trinity River of Texas.  Rivers Research and Application 32:85-99.

Phillips, M. B. and T.H. Bonner.  2015.  Occurrence and amount of microplastic ingested by fishes in watersheds of the Gulf of Mexico.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 100:264-269.

Kollaus, K. A., K. P. K. Behen, T. C. Heard, T. B. Hardy, and T. H. Bonner.  2015.  Influence of urbanization on a karst terrain stream and fish community.  Urban Ecosystem 18:293-320.

Nichols, H. T. and T. H. Bonner.  2014.  First record and habitat associations of Spongilla cenota (Class Demospongiae) within streams of the Edwards Plateau.  Southwestern Naturalist 59: 465-470.

Henn, M. H. T. Nichols, Y. Zhang, and T. H. Bonner.  2014.  Effect of artificial light on the drift of aquatic insects in urban central Texas streams.  Journal of Freshwater Ecology 29:307-318.

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