Timothy Bonner

Timothy Bonner

Timothy Bonner, Ph.D.

Meadows Foundation Endowed Professor 

Professor and Director Aquatic Biology B.S. Program
Curriculum Vitae (PDF


Ph.D., 2000, Texas Tech University  
M.S., 1996, Texas State University  
B.S., 1992, Texas A&M University



Zoology (BIO 2411)
Ichthyology (BIO 4415/5415)
Fish Ecology and Conservation (BIO 7408)
Seminar in Multivariate Statistics (BIO 7101)

Research Interests

Threatened and endangered fish ecology, Life history and population dynamics of warm-water fishes, Abiotic and biotic regulation of fish assemblages, Reproductive ecology

Recent Publications

Schoeck, C.N., K.T. Sullivan, J. Guajardo, B.M. Littrell, B. Kirby, A.W. Groeger, and T.H. Bonner. In press.  Mussel community and changes in water quality within a southcentral river basin of North America with emphasis on two federally proposed species. American Malacological Bulletin.

Lopez, S. G., A. S. Aspbury, S. Fritts, T. Tidwell, and T. H. Bonner. 2023. Long-term patterns in inland fish kills associated with cold-shock and winter stress:  a regional case study from Texas.  Journal of Fish Biology 103:472-480.  Cover photo and special recognition by Perry, W.B. 2023.  The sting of climate change and its effect on the march of invasive fishes.  J. Fish Biol 103:459.

Harrison, M. V. A. Sotola, K. T. Sullivan, A. Zalmat, B. M. Littrell, T. H. Bonner, and N H. Martin.  2023. A comparison of non-destructive visceral swab and tissue biopsy sampling methods for genotyping-by-sequencing in the freshwater mussel Fusconaia askewi.  Genes 2023, 14, 1197. https://doi.org/10.3390/genes14061197.

Kolonin A.M, V. Bókony, T. H. Bonner, J. J. Zúñiga-Vega, A. S. Aspbury, and C. R. Gabor. 2022.  Coping with urban habitats via glucocorticoid flexibility: physiology, behavior, and life history of tolerant stream fishes.  Integrative and Comparative Biology 62:90–103.

Thiels, S.E, C.R. Edwards, and T.H. Bonner. 2022.  Assessing effects of impounded water on life history, reproduction, and diets of a fluvial specialist fish.  American Midland Naturalist 187:225-242. 

Edwards, C.R., and T.H. Bonner.  2022.  Vegetation associations of the endangered Fountain Darter Etheostoma fonticola.  Endangered Species Research 47:1-13. 

Edwards, C.R., S. E. Thiels, K. Sullivan, J. Guajardo, B. M. Littrell, and T. H. Bonner.  2021.  Occurrence of Golden Topminnow Fundulus chrysotus in the San Marcos River, Texas.  Southeastern Naturalist 20:83-86. 

Craig, C. A. and T. H. Bonner. 2021.  Spring flow lost: a historical and contemporary perspective of an urban fish community.  Urban Ecosystem 24:417-427.

Sotola, V. A, K. T. Sullivan, B. M. Littrell, N. H. Martin, D. S. Stich, and T. H. Bonner.  2021.  Short-term responses of freshwater mussels to floods in a southwestern U.S.A. river estimated using mark-recapture sampling.  Freshwater Biology 66:349-361.

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