Graduate Programs

The Department of Biology offers several degree options for students wishing to pursue graduate study at the master’s level. Thesis-based degrees are usually chosen as preparation for professional careers or advanced graduate work (Ph.D., D.V.M., or M.D.) and by students seeking advanced training for technology-related industries. Non-thesis degrees may be chosen by students preferring broad training in biology without a formal research experience; this plan is often chosen by secondary science teachers wishing to broaden their content training without taking additional education courses.

Lizard on a leaf

M.S. and M.A. Biology

This graduate program offers opportunities for advanced study and research leading to the Master of Science degree in Biology.

M.S. Aquatic Resources

The Aquatic Resources Master of Science Program at Texas State University is a multi-disciplinary program of study and research based on aquatic sciences and resources.

Fish underwater
Flower garden

M.S. Population and Conservation Biology

This program is envisioned as an interdisciplinary course of study that combines principles of population biology with strong training in measurement and analysis of biological systems, augmented with the student’s choice of study in particular specialties.

M.S. Wildlife Ecology

This program provides students with a thorough education in the ecology and management of wildlife populations. Students learn through classroom instruction and course activities in the field.

A bird on a wood pole
Turtle swimming underwater

Ph.D. Aquatic Resources and Integrative Biology

Our doctoral program provides students with a thorough training in the conduct of scientific research as well as a broad knowledge base in a select area of Biology. The program offers students the opportunity to develop a customized course of study and research.