Ph.D. Aquatic Resources and Integrative Biology

Integrative Biology includes and incorporates many approaches in studying living systems. For example, sustainable freshwater resources provide a foundation for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as human use and economic development. However, inadequate understanding of aquatic resources and a prevailing inability to properly integrate scientific, technical, and socioeconomic elements continue to seriously hinder the goal of providing sustainable aquatic resources, not only in Texas, but also across the nation and around the world. Our doctoral program emphasizes original research and is designed to provide depth and breadth of knowledge as well as encourage an integrative approach to research. This can also include an examination of management and policy.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Ph.D. program normally requires an earned master's degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, or other areas relevant to the study of living systems. Exceptionally qualified applicants with an earned bachelor's degree can also be considered for admission if they have demonstrated evidence of scholarly research and writing.

Prospective graduate students should contact Doctoral Faculty members to inquire about graduate study in this program. Upon applying to the program, applicants must identify an individual that will serve as their major adviser.