Paula Williamson

Paula Williamson, Ph.D

Paula Williamson, Ph.D.

University Distinguished Professor
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Ph.D., 1988, University of California - Santa Barbara
M.A., 1985, University of California - Santa Barbara
B.S., 1981, Southwest Texas State University



Modern Biology II (BIO 1421)
Economic Botany (BIO 3406)
Professional Development (BIO 5100, BIO 7100)

Research Interests

Conservation Biology and Endangered Species Biology  - My lab is interested in understanding causes of species rareness, particularly with regard to reproductive biology. Our work includes relating life history traits and pollination ecology to genetic variability of rare species. We are also interested in reintroduction as a potential recovery measure.

Selected Publications

Waliczek, T.M., K.M. Parsley, P.S. Williamson, and F.M. Oxley. 2018. Curricula influence student knowledge and attitudes regarding invasive species. HortTechnology 28: 548-556.

Waliczek, T.M., P.S. Williamson, and F.M. Oxley. 2017. College student knowledge and perceptions of invasive species. HortTechnology 27: 550-556.

Oxley, F.M., T.M. Waliczek, and P.S. Williamson. 2016. Stakeholder opinions on invasive species and their management in the San Marcos River. HortTechnology 26: 514-521.

Echo-Hawk, P.D., F.M. Oxley, P.S. Williamson, V. Cantu and K. Ostrand.  2014.  Integrated management of an invasive macrophyte.  Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 52: 97-101.

Ferrazzano, S. and P.S. Williamson.  2013.  Benefits of mycorrhizal inoculation in reintroduction of endangered plant species under drought conditions.  Journal of Arid Environments  98: 123-125.

Ferguson, A.W., R.E. Strauss, A.W. Strong, S.J. Birnbaum, J.M. Poole, G.K. Janssen,and P.S. Williamson.  2013.  Assessing regional differences in predation of endangered species:  Implications from Texas populations of the endangered star cactus (Astrophytum asterias).  Journal of Arid Environments  97: 143-149.

Goodson, J.J. and P.S. Williamson.  2011.  Germination of seeds in the endangered Abronia macrocarpa.  Southwestern Naturalist 56: 141-146.

Birnbaum, S.J., J.M. Poole, and P.S. Williamson.  2011.  Reintroduction of star cactus Astrophytum asterias by seed sowing and seedling transplanting, Las Estrellas Preserve, Texas, USA.  Conservation Evidence 8: 43-52.

Blair, A.W. and P.S. Williamson.  2010.  Pollen dispersal in star cactus (Astrophytum asterias).  Journal of Arid Environments 74: 525-527.

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