Christopher Serenari

Christopher Serenari, Ph.D.

Christopher Serenari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Ph.D., 2014, North Carolina State University
M.S., 2010, North Carolina State University
B.S., 2000, Bowling Green State University

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Wildlife and Recreation (BIO 4304/5304)
Human Dimensions of Wildlife (forthcoming)

Research Interests

Wildlife governance and policy, human behavior and decision-making

Selected Publications

Serenari, C., Cobb, D.T., & Peroff, D. 2018. Using policy goals to evaluate large carnivore reintroduction: The case of the Red Wolf Recovery Program in North Carolina. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 23, 359-374.

Serenari, C. & Peterson, M.N. 2018. Evaluating the cultural fit of hunting and angling among minority sportspersons in North Carolina. Leisure Sciences,

Serenari, C., Peterson, M.N., Wallace, T., & Stowhas, P. 2017. Indigenous perspectives on private protected areas in Chile. Natural Areas Journal, 37(1), 98-107.

Serenari, C., & Peterson, M.N. 2016. A sociopolitical perspective on illegal take of wildlife in the southeastern USA. International Journal of Rural Criminology, 3(1), 29-49.

Serenari, C., Peterson, M.N., Gale, T, & Fahlke, A. 2015. Relationships between value orientations and wildlife conservation policy preferences in Chilean Patagonia. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 20(3), 271- 279.

Serenari, C., Peterson, M.N., Stowhas, P., Leung, Y-F, Wallace, T., & Sills, E. 2015. Private development-based forest conservation in Patagonia: Comparing mental models and revealing cultural truths. Ecology and Society, 20(3).

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