Carrie Bucklin

Carrie Bucklin, Ph.D.

Carrie Bucklin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Ph.D., 2015, University of Southern Mississippi
M.S., 2010, University of Southern Mississippi
B.A., 2008, University of Missouri



Research Interests

Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences, Student Learning, Student Identity Development

Selected Publications

Bolus, R., Ogburn, M., & Bucklin, C.J. (Accepted – July 2023). Ecology in Action: A Niche Modeling CURE. American Biology Teacher

Ferguson, D.G., Leone, E.A., Bucklin, C.J., & Daniel, K.L. (Accepted – Feb 2023). A comparison of Measured Outcomes Across Tree-Thinking Interventions. American Biology Teacher.

Gold, R., Bucklin, C.J., Forshee, L., Weeks, C., & Hardin, L.* (Accepted – June 2021). Exploring the Leech Gut Microbiome as a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience. Journal of College Science Teaching.

Johnson, S.L., & Bucklin, C.J. (2023). Using Pipe Cleaners to Bring Proteins to Life. American Biology Teacher, 85(3), 168-170.

Bucklin, C.J. & Mauger, L. (2022). CUREs: How to create & incorporate a collaborative ant-based project to teach science practices. American Biology Teacher, 84(6), 353-357.

Jenkins, K., Mead, L., Baum, D., Daniel, K.L., Bucklin, C.J., Leone, E.A.+, Gibson, J.P. & Naegle, E. (2022). Developing the BETTSI: A Tree-Thinking Diagnostic Tool to Assess Individual Elements of Representational Competence. Evolution, 76(4), 708-721. 

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