David E. Lemke

David Lemke, Ph.D

David Lemke, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Ph.D., 1983, University of Texas
B.S., 1975, Bucknell University



General Botany (BIO 2410)
Plant Taxonomy (BIO 3461)
Field Biology of Plants (BIO 4410/5410)
Plant Morphology (BIO 4411/5411)
Biology of Aquatic Plants (BIO 5318)
Photography for Biologists Seminar (BIO 5110)

Research Interests 

Flora of Texas, Systematic plant anatomy, Floral and foliar scent production in carrion flowers, Biology of aquatic plants

Selected Publications

Lemke, D. E. 2015. Lechea. In: Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds. 1993+. Flora of North America north of Mexico. 19+ vols. New York and Oxford. Vol. 6, pp. 389–397.

Hagenbuch, K. W. and D. E. Lemke. 2015. Grasses of the Texas Hill Country: vegetative key and descriptions. Phytoneuron 2015-4:1–93.

Lemke, D. E. 2014. Validation of the name Lechea torreyi var. congesta (Cistaceae). Phytoneuron 2014-33:1-2.

Lemke, D. E. 2009. Cyrillaceae. Flora of North America 8:367–369.

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