Chris Nice

Chris Nice

Chris Nice, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Ph.D., 1998, University of California - Davis
B.Sc., 1989, University of Minnesota



Genetics (BIO 2450)
General Entomology (BIO 4465/5465)
Principles of Population Biology II (BIO 7428)
Biogeography (BIO 7353)
Population Genetics (BIO 7433)

Research Interests

Speciation and Hybridization, Phylogeography and Historical Biogeography, Ecological and Population Genetics, Insect-Plant Interactions

Selected Publications

Forister, M. L., B. Cousens, J. G. Harrison, K. Anderson, J. H. Thorne, D. Waetjen, C. C. Nice, M. De Parsia, M. L. Hadik, R. Meese, H. van Vliet, and A. M. Shapiro. 2016. Increasing neonicotinoid use and the declining butterfly fauna of lowland California. Biology Letters 12: 20160475.

Espeset, A. E., J. G. Harrison, A. M. Shapiro, C. C. Nice, J. H. Thorne, D. P. Waetjen, J. A. Fordyce, M. L. Forister. 2016. Understanding a migratory species in a changing world: climatic effects and demographic declines in the western monarch revealed by four decades of intensive monitoring. Oecologia.181: 819-830.

Fordyce, J. A., C. C. Nice, C. A. Hamm, and M. L. Forister. 2016. Quantifying diet breadth through ordination of host association. Ecology 97:842-849.

Jahner, J. P., M. L. Forister, C. C. Nice, J. A. Fordyce, J. S. Wilson, D. D. Murphy, Z. H. Marion, and A. M. Shapiro. Regional population differentiation in a morphologically- diverse, elevationally-widespread Nearctic skipper, Polites sabuleti. J. Biogeography 42:1787-1799.

Gompert, Z., J. P. Jahner, C. F. Scholl, J. S. Wilson, L. K. Lucas, V. Soria-Carrasco, J. A. Fordyce, C. C. Nice, C. A. Buerkle, and M. L. Forister. 2015. The evolution of novel host use is not constrained by tradeoffs or a lack of genetic variation. Molecular Ecology 24: 2777-2793.

Gompert, Z., L. K. Lucas, C. A. Buerkle, M. L. Forister, J. A. Fordyce, and C. C. Nice. 2014. Admixture and the organization of genetic diversity in a butterfly species complex revealed through common and rare genetic variants. Molecular Ecology 23: 4555-4573. 

Nice, C. C., M. L. Forister, Z. Gompert, J. A. Fordyce, and A. M. Shapiro. 2014. A hierarchical perspective on the diversity of butterfly species’ responses to weather in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Ecology 95: 2155-2168.

Wilson, J. S., S. Sneck, D. D. Murphy, C. C. Nice, J. A. Fordyce, and M. L. Forister. 2013. Complex evolutionary history of the pallid dotted-blue butterfly (Lycaenidae: Euphilotes pallescens) in the Great Basin of North America. J. Biogeography 40: 2059-2070.

Gompert, Z., L. K. Lucas, C. C. Nice, and C. A. Buerkle. 2013. Genome divergence and the genetic architecture of barriers to gene flow between Lycaeides idas and L. melissa. Evolution 67: 2498-2514. [Invited Paper: Special Section: Genome Evolution during Speciation]

Alberici da Barbiano, L., A., Z. Gompert, A. S. Aspbury, C. R. Gabor and C. C. Nice. 2013. Population genomics reveals a possible history of backcrossing and recombination in the gynogenetic fish Poecilia formosa. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110: 13797-13802.

Nice, C. C., Z. Gompert, J. A. Fordyce, M. L. Forister, L. K. Lucas, and C. A. Buerkle. 2013. Repeated hybrid speciation in alpine butterflies. Evolution 67:1055-1068. 

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