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Texas State Alumni

Hello Texas State University Alumni!

Welcome to the pre-health advising Web site. We are delighted that you have come back for a visit.

If you have recently graduated and are continuing your efforts to gain admission to a professional school, we are happy to work with you.  Please contact one of the pre-health advisors.

Pre-Health Advisors Contact Information

If you have been admitted to and are currently attending a professional school, please accept our warmest congratulations on your success.  We are very interested in hearing from you and gleaning feedback from you in order to better help those who hope to follow in your footsteps.  If you would be willing to take a few minutes and send us some information, we would greatly appreciate your efforts.

Click HERE to access a brief feedback form. When you have completed the form you will be taken back to the pre-health advising Web site where you are welcome to explore!