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Erica Nierth Dr. Erica Nierth

Pre-Health Advisor

Office: Supple Science, Room 440

Phone: 512.245.4697


Advising is by appointment only.

Marilyn Banta photoDr. Marilyn Banta

Pre-Health Advisor

Office:  Supple Science, Room 346

Phone: 512.245.3367


Advising is by appointment only.


The pre-health advisors will offer you basic guidance on choosing courses that are required by or appropriate for the professional programs of your choice. We are not academic advisors, however, and we will not provide official academic advising services for students in any major.

For academic advising (major and graduation requirements, course transfer information, audits, major or minor changes, etc), please contact the advising center for your college. You can access the advising centers' Web sites by clicking on the links below. 

College of Applied Arts Advising

McCoy College of Business Administration Advising

College of Education Advising

College of Fine Arts and Communication

College of Health Professions Advising

College of Liberal Arts Advising

College of Science and Engineering Advising