Study Abroad and Study-in-America Courses

The Biology Department offers a wide variety of Study Abroad and Study-in-America courses.

Study Abroad and Study-in-America courses allow students to engage in and experience an educational setting uniquely different from being in a classroom. Along with their instructor, students travel to far-off places, either internationally or here in the USA, and get course credit!

Most SA and SIA courses occur in the summer and last between 4 and 7 weeks. The majority of this time is spent off-campus at the course destination.

Note that being enrolled in an SA or SIA course is different from being an exchange student. The latter typically involves an entire semester or year spent in another country and enrolled in a university in that country.

Current course offerings (more to come, check back soon!)

Course Title Destination Credit Info Instructor Email
Ecology and Conservation Abroad South Africa BIO 4351/5351 P/Q pdf Dr. Sarah Fritts
Biology in Ireland Ireland BIO 4327/5327 and 4328/5328

pdf  link

Dr. Kristy Daniel
Recreation, Conservation, and Wildlife in National Parks Greater Yellowstone Area (WY, MT, ID) BIO 4304/5304 or 4324/5324 link Dr. Ivan Castro-Arellano
Study Abroad in Costa Rica Costa Rica BIO 4319 or 4338

link  fb

Dr. Noland Martin

*Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor to get more information on dates, cost, instructor expectations, and travel schedule.