Progress report form - Aquatic Resources & Integrative Biology Ph.D.

This is the annual student progress report form. Every student in the program must complete this form and submit it by February 15. Submission window is January 1 to February 15. Content of the completed form must be approved by your advisor prior to submitting (see below). Prior to submitting this online form, it is recommended that you use the work-up sheet to inform your advisor of the form's content and to receive comments from your advisor. Once initiated, this online form cannot be saved. Information will be lost if you exit the form without submitting. Once submitted, the completed form is emailed to Dr. Jason Martina, Dr. David Lemke, Dr. Andrea Aspbury, and your advisor.

This is your long ID starting with A0.
Enter the semester and year that you started.
Enter the number of credit hours you will have completed by the end of THIS semester.
Enter the semester and year that you anticipate finishing your degree.
Requesting support as Instructional Assistant *
Please indicate the semesters of the upcoming academic year that you will be requesting IA support.

In the list below, provide the semester and year when the following tasks were completed or when they are expected to be completed.

This form lists the people that agree to be on your committee, expected completion during Year 1.
This is expected by end of Year 2 (students entering with M.S.) or 3 (students without M.S.)
This is expected by end of Year 2 (students entering with M.S.) or 3 (students without M.S.)

An approved dissertation proposal and and all requisite forms must be on file at the Graduate College in order to be eligible to apply for a Doctoral Research Support Fellowship. Please answer these questions related to funding. Note that this information is being collected for ongoing program assessment, not necessarily to evaluate your progress. 

Enter "yes" or "no".
Enter "yes", "no", or "pending".
If none, enter a zero.
If none, enter a zero.
Enter the number submitted, regardless of acceptance. If none, enter a zero.

If needed, explain why any target dates (tasks toward degree completion) have not been met.
Provide any comments that your advisor has concerning your progress.
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