Biology Department Seminars

Charles Darwin
Biology Departmental Seminars are usually held on Fridays at 2 pm in Room 116 of the Supple (Science) Building, or as announced below. A brief Q&A period typically follows each seminar. After that, everyone (age 21 and over only) is welcome to attend a reception for the speaker in the courtyard of the Old Greenhouse, liquid refreshments provided. To find out more about the speakers, follow the links to their web pages, and check out the seminar (you never know what interesting person might be speaking). TBA indicates "to be announced" unless the date arrives and no seminar speaker has been scheduled at which point it means we do not have a seminar speaker for that day. Please check frequently.


Spring 2024 Seminar Schedule

Date  Presentation and Speaker HostSummary Paper 
Jan 26

“Ecomorphological diversity of carnivoran mammals”

Dr. Chris Law

University of Washington

Leila Siciliano-Martina



Feb 02

“Plants as Ecogeomorphic Agent”

Dr. Candice D. Piercy, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Todd SwannackPDFPDF
Feb 09



Feb 16

“Context, constraints & trade-offs in organismal responses to environmental change”

Dr. Thomas Luhring

Wichita State University

Caitlin GaborPDFPDF
Feb 23Biology Department Colloquium - Schedule   
Mar 01

"Forecasting Nature: Ecological Experiments In A Time Of Planetary Change"

Dr. Nicholas Gotelli

University of Vermont

Ivan Castro-ArellanoPDFPDF
Mar 08

“Embracing the hidden strengths of large (or many) phylogenetic trees for comparative biology”

Dr. Jeremy Beaulieu

University of Arkansas

Sam BorsteinPDFPDF
Mar 15Spring Break - no seminar   
Mar 22

“Harnessing the Power of the genome editing tool, CRISPR, to treat anxiety”

Dr. Troy Rohn

Boise State University

Micaela VargasPDFPDF
Mar 29

“Waterbird research focused on key management issues: from hydrologic constraints on wading birds in the Everglades to a prioritization tool for rehabilitating colony islands on the Texas coast”

Dr. Dale Gawlik 

Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Clay GreenPDFPDF
Apr 05


Dr. Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Lauren FuessPDFPDF
Apr 12

“Alterations in polyamine metabolic pathway alleviate spaceflight- associated stress in plants”

Dr. Patrick Masson

University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Nihal DharmasiriPDFPDF
Apr 19

“Can prescribed extreme fire management be used to restore woody encroached open ecosystems?: lessons learned in Texas semiarid savannas”

Dr. William Rogers 

Texas A&M University, College Station

Jason MartinaPDFPDF
Apr 26Awards Day   


Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule

Date  Presentation and Speaker HostSummary Paper 
Sept 01

"The Functions and Regulation of DNA/RNA helicases in DNA damage repair and genome maintenance"

Dr. Xiaoyu Xue

Texas State University

Dana GarciaPDFPDF
Sept 08    
Sept 15

“The community ecology of a freshwater cleaning symbiosis"

Dr. Bryan Brown

Virginia Tech

Caitlin GaborPDFPDF
Sept 22

“Uncovering Relational Governance in Wildlife Conservation”

Dr. Christopher Serenari

Texas State University

Dittmar Hahn



Sep 29

“Rethinking time as a mediator for ecological interactions has implications for conservation to public health”

Dr. Ivan Castro-Arellano

Texas State University

Dittmar HahnPDFPDF
Oct 06

“A new regulatory mechanism by small RNAs”

Dr. Hong-Gu Kang

Texas State University

Dttmar HahnPDFPDF
Oct 13

“The Fongoli Savanna Chimpanzee Project: Past, Present and Future”

Dr. Jill Preutz

Texas State University

Robert McLeanPDF 
Oct 20

“Habitat split, climate change, and amphibian host-microbial interactions”

Dr. Guilherme Becker

Pennsylvania State University



Oct 27

“How plant hormones regulate vegetative and flower growth”

Dr. Jason Reed

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Nihal DharmasiriPDFPDF
Nov 03

“Climate change impacts and recovery of endangered species in the Florida Keys”

Dr. Roel Lopez, 

Texas A&M University, College Station

Ivan Castro-ArellanoPDFPDF
Nov 10

“Telomeres and the plant response to stress on Earth and in Space”

Dr. Dorothy Shippen

Texas A&M University, College Station

Suni DharmasiriPDFPDF
Nov 17

“Viruses as Medicine”

Dr. Eric Weaver

University of Nebraska

Dana GarciaPDFPDF
Nov 24Thanksgiving