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Biology Department Seminars

Biology Department Seminars

Charles Darwin
Biology Departmental Seminars are usually held on Fridays at 2 pm in Room 116 of the Supple (Science) Building, or as announced below. A brief Q&A period typically follows each seminar. After that, everyone (age 21 and over only) is welcome to attend a reception for the speaker in the courtyard of the Old Greenhouse, liquid refreshments provided. To find out more about the speakers, follow the links to their web pages, and check out the seminar (you never know what interesting person might be speaking). TBA indicates "to be announced" unless the date arrives and no seminar speaker has been scheduled at which point it means we do not have a seminar speaker for that day.   Please check frequently.


Fall 2022 Seminar Schedule


 Name, Affiliation   





 02 - Sept.

Dr. Harry Greene

University of Texas at Austin

"Re-wilding the Earth, re-wilding our lives"

Caitlin Gabor



09 - Sept.

Dr. Erin Borbee

Texas State University

“Coral reef microbes from Rhode Island to Indonesia”

Lauren Fuess PDF  

16 - Sept.

Dr. Utpal Smart

Texas State University

"A decade of research in Molecular ecology" David Rodriguez



23 - Sept.

Dr. Young-Ki Jo

Texas A&M University, College Station

"A virus in a fungus in a plant: Interaction of take all-root rot fungi with St. Augustine grass and mycovirus" Hong-Gu Kang   PDF

30 - Sept.

Dr. Kristy Daniel

Texas State University

"Building the Next Generation of Biologists by Increasing Representation" Dittmar Hahn PDF PDF

07 - Oct.

Dr. Daniel Ferguson

Texas State University

"The influence of conflict, religiosity, and popular media when teaching evolution" Kristy Daniel PDF PDF

14 - Oct.

Dr. Katherine Bockrath

San Marcos Aquatic Resource Center

TBD Dana Garcia    
21 - Oct.

Dr. Aref Zarin

Texas A&M University, College Station


"Studying the neural basis of locomotion in Drosophila larvae using optogenetics and connectomics"

Mar Huertas Pau PDF PDF
28 - Oct.

Dr. Jurgen Engelberth

University of Texas, San Antonio

"Rapid damage control and more: how green leaf volatiles protect against biotic and abiotic stresses" Nihal Dharmasiri   PDF
04 - Nov.

Dr. Davida Smyth, 

Texas A&M University - San Antonio

Faculty Profile - Texas A&M University San Antonio (

"What bacteria can tell us about the built environment?"

Bob McLean PDF  
11 - Nov.

Dr. Hernan Lopez-Fernandez

University of Michigan

"Neotropical Riverine Cichlids: Adaptive Radiation and Macroevolution at Continental Scales"



18 - Nov.

Dr. Sushmita Sinha

Texas Woman's University

"Regulation of hyper-T cells in humans"

Manish Kumar PDF PDF
25 - Nov.  




Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule


 Name, Affiliation  

         Title              Host    Summary Paper
27 -Jan.

Dr. Upal Roy

University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley


Manish Kumar    
03 - Feb

Dr. Lauren Fuess

Texas State University

TBD Dittmar Hahn    
10 - Feb

Dr. Gerard Kyle

Texas A&M University, College Station

TBD Chris Serenari    
17 - Feb          
24 - Feb




03 - Mar

Dr. Nick Smith

Texas Tech University

TBD Jason Martina    
10 - Mar

Dr. Erika Calvo-Ochoa

Hope College




24 - Mar          
31 - Mar

Dr. Adam Duarte

Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA

TBD Butch Weckerly    
07 - Apr

Dr. Yongjian Qiu

University of Mississippi 

TBD Nihal Dharmasiri    
14 - Apr

Dr. Koty Sharp

Roger Williams University

TBD Lauren Fuess    
21 - Apr

Dr. Libo Shan

TBD Hong-Gu Kang    


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