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Wildlife Student Chapter

The Wildlife Society at Texas State University

An armadillo peering into the camera standing on it's hind legs in a muddy environment. A grey fox sitting and peering into the camera in a dry shrub area. A bat facing downward attached to a brown tree. Two colorful wood ducks facing to the right perched on a tree.
The Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society at Texas State University (TWS TXST) is a part of The Wildlife Society (TWS), which is the international society of wildlife professionals. We are dedicated to conservation of wildlife and our natural resources while also supporting the mission of The Wildlife Society. Our goals are to prepare young-adult wildlife professionals for their career outside of college through experiences such as outdoor workshops, camping, hiking, educational outreach events, attending The Texas Chapter of TWS Conference, hosting chapter meetings full of vital career-related information, and holding social events for students to get to know their student body.  Volunteer opportunities with organizations such as Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife, Texas Wildlife Association, the Biology Department and local sanctuaries are held throughout the Spring and Fall semesters. These events and opportunities help students gain experience in their field of interest while meeting new people and encouraging the next big step in their careers.

The Wildlife Society Mission Statement:

The mission of The Wildlife Society is to enhance the ability of wildlife professionals to conserve diversity, sustain productivity and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources for the benefit of society.

This mission is implemented through five goals:


1. Advocate the use of sound biological, social, and economic information in making wildlife policy decisions. 

2. Enhance the knowledge and technical capabilities of wildlife professionals. 

3. Increase public awareness and appreciation of wildlife conservation and the wildlife profession.

4. Promote professional standards for wildlife research, education, and management.

5. Recognize the professional stewardship of wildlife.


Advisor: Dr. Scott T. Walter


(Contact any of the above students to get information on joining the organization.)

Meeting Times: No in-person meetings scheduled for Spring 2021

Virtual Zoom Meetings to be found under the society Canvas page. Please email any of the officers to be added to the society Canvas page. We meet biweekly on Wednesday's at 5:30 PM every semester. Many students form their school class schedule around our meetings since they do not change.


Please visit the Facebook page or the society Canvas page for more information regarding any current events or past events. Also available on Facebook is many past photos of the society's involvement with its members. Refer to the Canvas page for the most updated information. Please email any of the officers to be added to the society Canvas page. 

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