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Purchase Order Request Form

Purchase Order Request Form

Use this form to initiate a purchase order. You can do this by either shopping in TSUS-Marketplace on your own, followed by assigning your cart to Shane Pierce, or by filling out and attaching the COSE Goods and Services Requisition Sheet. Note: you will also need to use the COSE sheet if your item and/or vendor is not available in TSUS-Marketplace. Form is automatically emailed to Shane Pierce, you will receive email confirmation. 

Enter name of person filling out the form.
Enter name of faculty member (or other) that oversees the account.
Specify if order is for research, teaching (include course number), or other.
Enter the grant number followed by "," and fund number. If not known, enter "NA".
Enter "yes" or "no".
Enter "yes", "no", or "NA".

If you have not initiated a purchase request in TSUS-Marketplace, fill out and upload the COSE Goods and Services Requisition Sheet

Attach sheet here.